The Process

The genetic research has validated that no two humans are alike. Since 1973, Dr. Strachan, Director of Center for Creative Choice has created a model for honoring the uniqueness of every person.

Using common terms, the Self / Soul / Spirit model functions under the premise that each individual is responsible for all aspects of that person's life. Therefore, each person takes responsibility for understanding the genetic predispositions and genetic determinants that he or she brings into this life. Thus, all humans are responsible for understanding how their living circumstances interact with those genetic inheritances resulting in each person's personality, including coping styles, attitudes, perceptual sets, beliefs and specific characteristics and traits.

All changes, adaptations, personal growth and manifested new behaviors are the result of focused activity and intention of those who work with us in this process of self-discovery. We as professional facilitators, work with our clients to achieve their personal choices in directing their lives. Presently, we have developed an intensive form of questioning and recording knowledge that each of our clients present to us regarding their genetic history from their own personal awareness and observation. We also collect significant biological and family history. We aid our clients into differentiating between what they brought into this world as genetic predispositions and what they have learned and inculcated into their personal system.

In the next five years, some of our clients will have partial or complete genome mapping of themselves that will provide the genetic foundation as the base of biological information. With that base, we as facilitators working with our clients will form an understanding of the uniqueness and specificity of personality characteristics that have formed by the interaction of the genetic foundation and life experiences. Utilizing a universal symbol of the Mandala, the client constructs within the circle of the Mandala the inherited sub-parts of Self. The Soul (Life Force, Essence or  Executive Manager) is placed in the center of the Mandala. Understanding Spirit and accepting the phenomena of the Cosmos is significantly personal and embodied into the client’s understanding of who that person is and that person's direction.

Following the construction of the Mandala, our clients begin a process of self introspection focusing on how their Self/Soul/Spirit parts function and how those parts proactively engage with themselves and in relationship to others. Therefore, there is no blame or assigning guilt on actions, only grasping the significance of responsibility for one’s actions with respect to an overriding principle of functionality for self and in relationship.