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Clinical Counseling Psychology

Finding an identity: Psychology has been struggling to find its identity since the 16th century when the term was first coined. Attempting to create a field and gain recognition as a science has been equally difficult. Today, the study of the soul is commonly defined as the science of mind and behavior. Neither a philosophy nor a hard science, psychology has wandered through many gardens in an effort to firmly plant itself, earn its place as a field of study, and be acknowledged as an independent entity.

NIHM - Research Domain Criteria

Over the past several decades, an increasingly comprehensive body of research in genetics, neuroscience, and behavioral science has transformed our understanding of how the brain produces adaptive behavior, and the ways in which normal functioning becomes disrupted in various forms of mental disorders.

NIMH - The Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) Project

The Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) project is designed to implement Strategy 1.4 of the NIMH Strategic Plan: “Develop new ways of classifying disorders based on dimensions of observable behaviors and brain functions.”

NIMH Declares Independence From the DSM-5

For a long time now there has been a debate about what the release of the American Psychiatric
Association's new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual -- the DSM-5 -- will do to the field of mental health

Self / Soul / Spirit Model

A Current Working Model for Understanding Human Development

Stodgy and Frumpy

Take a jaunt around any established neighborhood where houses date back 30–70 years, and you will meet a significant number of these Stodgies and Frumpies. When did they emerge?

To a Good Woman

Mom was sleeping five feet away in a hospital bed I had placed in the spare bedroom. I had brought in my office equipment too so I could observe her while I worked. DOWNLOAD TO READ MORE...