In creating the Self / Soul / Spirit model, common terms were chosen to represent the dynamic genetic predispositions and their interaction with ongoing life experiences. The interaction between the genetics we inherit and the life experiences we have form our unique human beings.

Epigenetics is the term used to describe the continual ongoing mutations in human beings that occur over time by the very fact of the interactions of genetics and life experiences. Ongoing change is a universal phenomenon.


In the model presented here, Self is determined by an interaction between the genetic predispositions a person receives — including the microbiological mutations and protein influences that begin at conception — and the environmental conditions he or she is exposed to in the process of living under cultural and cosmic conditions. Self comprises a complex set of subparts that form a gestalt; it can have many reactions to life situations, during which one or another part may voice a thought or take action, directing the individual proactively.

Self is consciousness and all related factors of being conscious. We purport there are different layers and aspects of consciousness, based on brain physiology regarding access and direction.  Self and its subparts function in time and space within limits, boundaries, and unique capabilities in the realm of the known universe. The parts of Self direct human energy to manifest within the individual and in relationship.


Spirit represents the great mystery, the unknown force humans beings struggle to grasp and understand. Spirit is universal and extends to the farthest reaches of the universe. Spirit exceeds our current knowledge and capabilities to fathom the depths and immensity of this universal phenomenon.

Humans intuit, conjecture, project and create structures that define and depict the force behind the creation of the universe. Human interpretations of our existence and of the universe’s creation abound. Each of us on Earth has the right, and possibly the responsibility, to create and practice our own form of Spirituality.


"The unexamined life is not worth living." —Socrates



Soul — psyche in Greek — is life force. Soul is the connection to the Universe. Soul is housed in the body. It includes all biological functions designated as the parts of Self, a composite of genetic predispositions interacting with environmental and cultural experiences. As a collective of all individual aspects that make up a person, Soul is attached to this Earth. As a life force, it exhibits all material qualities as well as that little extra, that specialness, that je ne sais quoi that makes it a life force. Soul is the gestalt of our being and therefore greater than the sum of its parts. Soul is the essence of our totality, the essence of our being.

Addressing Soul in this theoretical manner postulates an acceptance of the principles of phenomenology, metaphysics, and the conceptual framework of transpersonal psychology. Genetic in origin, Soul begins to develop at conception; each individual develops a unique form following the directions of its protein building blocks.