Ryan Holsapple

Ryan-Holsapple.pngRyan Holsapple is a trained Nature-Connected life coach (NCC) and alumni of the Earth-Based Institute. He has continued to receive in depth training and mentor coaching from Michael Jospe MA, for several years.  He has also achieved his ACC (Associate Certified Coach) through the ICF (International Coach Federation).  As a guide he has worked with several clients from various age differences and lifestyles. Ryan has also received extensive training from Randy Russel as he is an alumni student of InnerPathWorks. Ryan has also received extensive One-on-One training with Roger Strachan ph.D, who is a gestalt and partswork facilitator. He has taken several courses at the Tracker School under the guidance of Tom Brown Jr. and other instructors where he is further educated in nature connection, survival skills, self-awareness, healing, and guiding. Ryan has received a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Naropa University.

Ryan is passionate about guiding and supporting others to access and unlock their own innate wisdom and empowerment through creative resourcing, mentoring, coaching, and nature connection. Ryan supports people who have strong desire to let go of old patterns and habits that are no longer useful and want to embrace a new fulfilling and meaningful way of living. This is a rites of passage process that is supported through the use of partswork facilitation, Nature-Connection and intuitive guiding. Ryan guides in such a way that invites clients to bring all parts of the self in alignment with deep, soulful purpose and livelihood.

Ryan Holsapple
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