John David Lynch

John-Davin-Lynch.pngMy unique experience combines outdoor education & leadership with various developmental techniques aimed at deep self-discovery. I have degrees in outdoor education and sustainable communities. Additionally I have trained in gestalt and depth psychology practices. I have taught in the field of outdoor recreation and eco-depth-psychology for both undergraduate and graduate students for the past 6 years. I also have 8 years of experience leading people into wild places for various outdoor schools and institutes. My purpose is to deepen relations between humans and the non-human world through wilderness experiences so as to better understand one’s Self, Soul, And Spirit.

My greatest joy comes from mentoring and guiding students and clients towards deep self-discovery so as to navigate the unique terrain of their lives.  My methods borrow from Center for Creative Choice and Animas Valley Institute. I combine these approaches in my own center called, Southwest Soul Quest, out of Flagstaff and Prescott Arizona.