Welcome to Consulting Services based on the foundation of the interaction of Genetics and personal Life Experiences, the merging of Nature and Nurture.

The first mapping of the human genome in 2003 has led to a significant body of genetic research specifically detailing genetic predispositions everyone of us brings into the world. All human beings are unique in their genetic phenotype; even identical twins. The interaction between genetics and life experiences forms our unique individual personalities. Assuming humans have a choice, we direct our lives, taking into account the biological and universal constraints. We are capable of change including epigenetic mutations resulting from life experiences and other universal processes.

Roger_Strachan.jpgEarning a Ph.D. under the precepts of the scientist-practitioner model, I was educated in scientific psychology and applied counseling skills. Neurophysiology, genetics and clinical psychology were my special interests. Having taught undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology and maintained a clinical/counseling practice for 57 years, it has been my privilege to serve students and clients in their process of self-discovery and personal growth, making choices to enhance their lives.

The process of walking alongside my students and clients and facilitating their inherited genetic personality characteristics, in relationship to their life experiences, has validated that all individuals are unique and direct their personal lives. I created a theoretical model Self/Soul/Spirit that remains in constant change and adaptation to current understandings of human biology, physics and metaphysics.