Tracy Schrunk

Tracy_Schrunk.pngI am passionate about helping women, families, and couples find the courage to create an authentic life and walk their own paths.  Each and every one of us is uniquely different as are each of our journeys that we create in this lifetime with ourselves, within relationships, and with the world.  I particularly focus on women in a variety of contexts and relationships.  Whether a career change, a major life transition, relationship choices, creating new norms, re-building and healing after loss or trauma, choosing a direction as a young adult, or answering that impulse or deeper sense that there is something more for you, how do you determine what it is  that you truly desire from the deepest part of you? 

What is best for you and your true self?   We often have to learn how to change the narratives and learn to shed what truly does not belong to us or who we are.

I enjoy assisting women define who they are and discover their own truth and step into their own knowing and strength and learning how to embody that in daily life in any particular context.  Thru nature, creative arts, and many other different modalities learned over the past 20 years, I will assist you in living the brilliant life you are seeking in your heart and soul. 

 I have been a licensed clinical social worker for almost 20 years in private pay wilderness and residential programs for teen, young adults, families, and parents.   For more information, please see my bio on my website.  I work out of Prescott, AZ and Las Vegas, NV

Contact:  Tracy Schrunk, LCSW
WOMC  (Women on the Move Coaching)
Cell:  801-376-6298 
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