Lisa VonderHaar and Sara Papathakis

Lisa_VonderHaar_Sara_Papathakis.pngLisa VonderHaar and Sara Papathakis of SoulTerra, a mother/daughter duo, bring their intuition and wisdom to the vision of developing love and connection with self, others and Nature. We believe that as we discover the various aspects/parts of our self, we learn to truly accept ourselves and open to Love. In identifying these parts and expressing them honestly, we are living our truth or life purpose which can be seen as our Divine potential. Learning to love oneself opens us to compassion for others and for the earth.

SoulTerra is most inspired to offer Mother/Daughter Transformation programs, supporting the daughter in becoming her own person while maintaining a healthy relationship with the mother. Our own emancipation process has allowed us to accept ourselves and each other. We found how fulfilling it can be to have a close mother/daughter relationship and want to offer this experience to other mothers and daughters.

Our first 2-3 hour session with a mother and daughter is conducted in our Salida CO office. We suggest the daughters be adults or mature adolescents. An interview process will determine the appropriateness of our work for the mother and daughter. Further sessions are encouraged to deepen awareness of each of your parts and to learn to communicate with each other. A personalized plan is developed as we learn the needs and desires of each woman and their relationship. Whenever possible, sessions are offered in nature, inviting a deeper, spiritual component.

Lisa, a Ph.D licensed clinical psychologist with over 35 years in private practice. She has learned that each of us wants to be truly seen and loved and to find meaning in this life. Sara has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Colorado University at Boulder. She has worked as a wilderness guide at Second Nature in Utah as well as a program manager for Animas Valley Institute, organizing programs and conducting participant interviews. in addition, Sara brings her deep passion of honoring the earth and her inherent wisdom to her work.