Jacob Bornstein

Jacob-Bornstein.pngI want to contribute to a culture where everyone has work they find deeply meaningful and can apply their gifts in full. I work primarily with executives looking to integrate deeper self-awareness into how they run their businesses, and professionals in transition seeking to bring their full selves to their next venture. By helping individuals and teams better understand who they are and designing how to leverage their distinct talents, I've helped numerous individuals and firms unleash their potential in work and life.

I was trained and certified in the Mandala model by Dr. Roger Strachan, trained in executive development with Talentism (, as well as receiving certification in interpersonal facilitation from the Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado. My background includes training in Gestalt, Integral and genetic psychology, a deep dive into Western wisdom traditions at Princeton and Oxford Universities, key investment roles at a major hedge fund, and leadership and board positions in finance and non-profit organizations. Past clients include partners from top quartile venture and private equity funds, C-suite executives of series B / C funded start-ups, and executives in transition from companies and non-profits like Wikimedia, Zappos and Choice Humanitarian.