Pieter Van Winkle


I help people explore and embody lives of deep meaning, by knowing themselves more fully and taking responsibility for what they find. Blending the Self-Soul-Spirit model (developed by Roger T. Strachan, Ph.D.) with in-the-moment embodiment facilitation and a commitment to authenticity, I support individuals longing to soulfully contribute to this moment of personal and planetary awakening.

I particularly enjoy supporting men undergoing major life transitions and transformations. Often, these times can be confusing as an old “way” or “story” of being dies, and we are trying to navigate the birth of a new one we don’t yet know.

In order to walk with grace through these challenging passages, it is critical to a) know who is talking in our psyche, including our deep identity, or Soul, b) develop and have access to the resource of embodiment, and c) be seen, mirrored, celebrated and challenged by an outside facilitator. I work with clients in each of these areas - and help them integrate it - so they can live the “new story” they are longing to express.

In business, I received returns on a number of private investments, and harvested deep learnings from 4 years leadership training at a Fortune 5 company and 2 years helping launch a successful food start-up coast-to-coast.

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