Joseph Paul McCaffrey

Josheph-mccaffreyLocated in Prescott, Joseph combines deep self-discovery practices with the Self, Soul, Spirit model to inspire a life of deep meaning, radical joy, and soulful purpose.

Joseph is a soul-centric guide and teacher  who believes in living a soul-directed life of creative expression. He blends his love of the natural world, eco-deep psychology, movement, mindfulness, ceremony, and rites of passage as a way to support couples, a families, and individuals in the process of healing and authentic expression. He provides practical tools so that each client can more fully embody their innate wholeness, vitality, and potential.

Joseph spent over a decade as an educator in alternative education at the primary and college levels guiding his students into deep self-discovery of the inner and outer wilderness. He has spent the last four years enriching the field of clinical mental health through self-designed eco-psychological therapeutic practices that addressed the emotional and spiritual conditions underlying the human severance from the animate natural world.

My passions lie in  guiding you in cultivating a deep self-knowing that supports the wisdom of your Soul in its entirety. 

Joseph Paul McCaffrey, LAC
MS Clinical Counseling with a focus in Ecopsychology 
MA Educational Psychology 

Southwest Soul Quest
Prescott, AZ

If we surrendered to earth intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.
- Rainer Maria Rilke