Roger Strachan

Roger_Strachan.jpgEarning a Ph.D. under the precepts of the scientist-practitioner model, I was educated in scientific psychology and applied counseling skills. Neurophysiology, genetics and clinical psychology were my special interests. Having taught undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology and maintained a clinical/counseling practice for 57 years, it has been my privilege to serve students and clients in their process of self-discovery and personal growth, making choices to enhance their lives.

The process of walking alongside my students and clients and facilitating their inherited genetic personality characteristics, in relationship to their life experiences, has validated that all individuals are unique and direct their personal lives. I created a theoretical model Self/Soul/Spirit that remains in constant change and adaptation to current understandings of human biology, physics and metaphysics.

Ryan Holsapple

Ryan-Holsapple.pngRyan Holsapple is a trained Nature-Connected life coach (NCC) and alumni of the Earth-Based Institute. He has continued to receive in depth training and mentor coaching from Michael Jospe MA, for several years.  He has also achieved his ACC (Associate Certified Coach) through the ICF (International Coach Federation).  As a guide he has worked with several clients from various age differences and lifestyles. Ryan has also received extensive training from Randy Russel as he is an alumni student of InnerPathWorks. Ryan has also received extensive One-on-One training with Roger Strachan ph.D, who is a gestalt and partswork facilitator. He has taken several courses at the Tracker School under the guidance of Tom Brown Jr. and other instructors where he is further educated in nature connection, survival skills, self-awareness, healing, and guiding. Ryan has received a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Naropa University.

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Joseph Paul McCaffrey

Josheph-mccaffreyLocated in Prescott, Joseph combines deep self-discovery practices with the Self, Soul, Spirit model to inspire a life of deep meaning, radical joy, and soulful purpose.

Joseph is a soul-centric guide and teacher  who believes in living a soul-directed life of creative expression. He blends his love of the natural world, eco-deep psychology, movement, mindfulness, ceremony, and rites of passage as a way to support couples, a families, and individuals in the process of healing and authentic expression. He provides practical tools so that each client can more fully embody their innate wholeness, vitality, and potential.

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Jacob Bornstein

Jacob-Bornstein.pngI want to contribute to a culture where everyone has work they find deeply meaningful and can apply their gifts in full. I work primarily with executives looking to integrate deeper self-awareness into how they run their businesses, and professionals in transition seeking to bring their full selves to their next venture. By helping individuals and teams better understand who they are and designing how to leverage their distinct talents, I've helped numerous individuals and firms unleash their potential in work and life.

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Lisa VonderHaar and Sara Papathakis

Lisa_VonderHaar_Sara_Papathakis.pngLisa VonderHaar and Sara Papathakis of SoulTerra, a mother/daughter duo, bring their intuition and wisdom to the vision of developing love and connection with self, others and Nature. We believe that as we discover the various aspects/parts of our self, we learn to truly accept ourselves and open to Love. In identifying these parts and expressing them honestly, we are living our truth or life purpose which can be seen as our Divine potential. Learning to love oneself opens us to compassion for others and for the earth.

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John David Lynch

John-Davin-Lynch.pngMy unique experience combines outdoor education & leadership with various developmental techniques aimed at deep self-discovery. I have degrees in outdoor education and sustainable communities. Additionally I have trained in gestalt and depth psychology practices. I have taught in the field of outdoor recreation and eco-depth-psychology for both undergraduate and graduate students for the past 6 years. I also have 8 years of experience leading people into wild places for various outdoor schools and institutes. My purpose is to deepen relations between humans and the non-human world through wilderness experiences so as to better understand one’s Self, Soul, And Spirit.

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Pieter Van Winkle


I help people explore and embody lives of deep meaning, by knowing themselves more fully and taking responsibility for what they find. Blending the Self-Soul-Spirit model (developed by Roger T. Strachan, Ph.D.) with in-the-moment embodiment facilitation and a commitment to authenticity, I support individuals longing to soulfully contribute to this moment of personal and planetary awakening.

I particularly enjoy supporting men undergoing major life transitions and transformations. Often, these times can be confusing as an old “way” or “story” of being dies, and we are trying to navigate the birth of a new one we don’t yet know.

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Stefania Mesoraca

Stefania_Mesoraca.pngI’m passionate about helping men and women who want to create profound relationships. I look for the patterns that keep you from getting what you want, and I support you in creating real change, either in your existing relationship or in finding the right partner.  Working with me is like being in a relational gym, where you actually get to practice change in real time, as we get in touch directly with the many parts of you and how they show up to relationship. In addition to certification and training in the Mandala model, I bring 20 years of mindfulness practice and training in various relationship development modalities, many of which I’ve applied to the real world crucible of my own marriage over the past 13 years.

Tracy Schrunk

Tracy_Schrunk.pngI am passionate about helping women, families, and couples find the courage to create an authentic life and walk their own paths.  Each and every one of us is uniquely different as are each of our journeys that we create in this lifetime with ourselves, within relationships, and with the world.  I particularly focus on women in a variety of contexts and relationships.  Whether a career change, a major life transition, relationship choices, creating new norms, re-building and healing after loss or trauma, choosing a direction as a young adult, or answering that impulse or deeper sense that there is something more for you, how do you determine what it is  that you truly desire from the deepest part of you? 

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