Welcome!Welcome to Consulting Services based on the foundation of the interaction of Genetics and personal Life Experiences, the merging of Nature and Nurture.

The first mapping of the human genome in 2003 has led to a significant body of genetic research specifically detailing genetic predispositions everyone of us brings into the world. All human beings are unique in their genetic phenotype; even identical twins. The interaction between genetics and life experiences forms our unique individual personalities. Assuming humans have a choice, we direct our lives, taking into account the biological and universal constraints. We are capable of change including epigenetic mutations resulting from life experiences and other universal processes.

We are constantly becoming.

Center for Creative Choice is comprised of professionals with diverse expertise who work individually or in selected groups.

We specialize in:

  • Working with individuals and family units that are experiencing difficulties within their personal or family structure and their related life issues.

Facilitating intensive major life transitions which include:

  • career changes
  • significant life passages
  • emancipation of young adults
  • reinvention for seniors facing the later chapters of their lives

(See specific programs for individuals, couples and families)

All independent professionals aligned with Center for Creative Choice work free of all concepts of Psychopathology and related Diagnostic Labels. There has never been one research study to validate the concept of Psychopathology. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual has been declared invalid and the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has been collecting research since 2011 to create a new system of describing human personal issues. (Please direct yourself to resources where further evidence is presented. )

Every human being is unique and that guiding principle directs our work with you. Your unique Phenotype, the specific set of predisposed genetic components, including the microbiological mutations and protein influences that begin at conception begin interacting with the personal life experiences that you encounter and form your Being.  Therefore, whether you come as an individual or in a collective of a couple or family, we treat each person with dignity and human compassion free of blame and diagnosis. The same blame free principles apply when we work with an organization or specialized groups.


No two people are alike, not even identical twins.